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Tracking Time in Intervals using Modules


Online time tracking apps are great for discovering where all your time is going. And many of them allow you to classify time entries by billable types of work, an invaluable feature for billing clients and estimating future projects. One of the unique features within the Intervals time tracking tool is the ability to classify […]

Time Tracking with Modules


One of the more advanced and abstract features of Intervals is it’s ability to group time into modules. These can be thought of as buckets, or classifications, of time. They make more sense when addressed from the perspective of a project manager, who needs to track a project in terms of phases, or break a […]

The power of “Modules”


“Modules” take a little getting used to when you are new to Intervals, but after creating a few projects it makes sense.  Reporting really takes off once meaningful modules are created.  Modules in Intervals are a generic way of saying a “feature” or “phase of a project”.  Since we are a Web Development company our […]