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Web-based Application Database Design and Infrastructure


In my experience as a web developer at Pelago I’ve helped develop several web-based applications that required more than just an out-of-the box database configuration. While 99% of the online apps we’ve built can get by on a MySQL or PostgreSQL database with little to no configuration, the few that do require optimizations will certainly […]

A Few Tips for Developing Web-based Applications


Take a quick look at the online productivity software landscape and you will see there are plenty of options to choose from. This as a good thing, after all, project managers, web designers, web developers, and creatives are a thorough and intelligent bunch and highly capable of vetting out the best web-based applications that will work […]

So, You’ve Developed a Web-based Application. Now What?


There are many web development agencies out there who are finding themselves in the same predicament Pelago was in five years ago. The nature of a web development business is that in solving business problems online for others, we often find it just as simple to solve our own. So we developed our own internal […]