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Tips From a Developer on Managing a Small Development Team


Last week our project manager took off to OSCON in Portland, leaving me, the lead developer, in charge of managing our small development team. Facing a gauntlet of client requests, developer questions, and miscellaneous tasks that fall somewhere in between, I had to adapt quickly and learn how to manage a development team if I […]

Spending Time Wisely


Before embarking on any type of research journey through the web of time management methodologies, we need to define exactly what it is we are trying to manage. What is our time and what does it mean to us? If we skip this step and try to bolt the methodology-of-the-year onto our muddled lists of […]

Setting Higher Goals


The primary purpose of a web-based project management service like Intervals is to track time and tasks, to run your small business and collaborate with a team. But is that it? Is that all Intervals does? Well, it does do a few other things, like invoicing and reporting, but there are some things it does […]