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Four Benefits to Managing and Tracking Agency Time


Every business that sells a physical product is constrained by inventory. They can’t sell more than they have in stock without putting sales on back order or issuing refunds. Take a bike company, for example. Once they’ve sold out of a model, they have to manufacture more, which delays sales. Professional service agencies operate under […]

Time Management Activities and Results for Small Businesses


I recently read an interview with entrepreneur Chris Wanstrath of GitHub who quoted Cameron Moll saying “I donโ€™t believe in work-life balance. I believe in priorities.โ€ We should be focusing, instead, on priorities. After all, there are aspects of work that are just as enjoyable as those in life, and there are times in our […]

Is the task list the best way to manage our time?


One of the major flaws with our efforts to better manage our time is that we believe we can accomplish more if we have the right system in place. Take your pick from any number of time management systems that make this promise. Before we can manage our time better, we need to take a […]