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Htop, a Web Developer’s Best Friend


Every web developer has had the unfortunate experience of their code going rogue and wreaking havoc on a server. An error in the code chewed up all the RAM. An ill-planned query maxed out the CPU and disk I/O, pushing load up too high. The server squawks and we have to do something to fix […]

Configure Your Web-based Application to Receive Email Using Wildcard Virtual Subdomains, Postfix and Linux


Many web-based applications, including online project management software, feature the ability to accept and process emails. For example, an incoming email may be tweeted, posted to flickr, or appended to a task. The online abundance of productivity tools has helped us get out of our inboxes, but they haven’t replaced email entirely. In fact, many […]

The Web Developers Toolbox; What Should You Know?


The list of responsibilities that differentiate a web designer from a web developer from a system administrator is becoming fuzzier as those working in these fields become cross-trained. The necessity for a web developer to focus on her core competency while also dabbling in relevant technologies is a result of web sites and web-based applications […]