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SXSW 3rd Floor Panels – What’s up with that?


I really would like to know why in the world the Austin Convention Center is laid out the way it is. It’s kind of fun going to a usability panel in a building that left the third floor off of the usability checklist. If you are on the first floor or the top floor it’s […]

A few SXSW tidbits


Want to know where everyone is going and what they are doing at SXSW? Try Twitter. (hint: click on a thumbnail on the right) Want to know if you a few after hour events are within walking distance of one another? Try this mashup. Wish you were there and want to live vicariously through others? […]

Off to the SXSW Festival


I am currently at SXSW on the Interactive path. It is the first time I’ve attended SXSW and it feels like a great event for creative people to get together. The fact that it’s called a “festival” instead of a conference or seminar says a lot. It is a very open and free style environment […]