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Design Can Change


If you are a graphic designer who is also interested in sustainability, visit Design Can Change and take the pledge. Designers actually have more potential to slow environmental degradation than economists, politicians and environmentalists. Their power is catalytic. Alastair Faud-Luke

Sustainable Design


Sustainability is an increasingly popular buzzword being thrown about the Internet, but what does it mean? And more specifically, what does it mean for designers? At Pelago, it means a few things: Printing our collateral on recycled papers using enviro-friendly inks Using the laser printer only when necessary, and trying to keep printouts on one […]

The Sustainability of Intervals


Our commitment to becoming a more sustainable company at Pelago is one of the motives behind our development of Intervals. Fortunately for us, Software-as-a-service (SAAS) is naturally a sustainable medium. SAAS circumvents the paper-waste of packaging and shipping an installable product, utilizes the processor power of centralized servers, and enables a flexible work pattern. For […]