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Running a startup is a lot like playing Dungeons and Dragons


The role playing realms of Dungeons and Dragons, and its infinite number of analog and digital spin-offs, all played an influential part in my becoming an entrepreneur and co-founder of Intervals. The obvious conclusion is that Dungeons and Dragons stretched my imagination to consider all possibilities, regardless of how outrageous or impossibly fantastic they might […]

Why Fixed Bid Contracts are Awful for Web Design and Development Projects


The Web design and development industry is often characterized as being on the bleeding edge of technology. Web designers pushing the limits of HTML and CSS  to create new interactive experiences. Web developers bending servers, databases and code to deliver faster web-based apps. The flexibility of the technology powering the web enables us to respond […]

A Design Primer for Web-based Startups


© Wells Riley If you’ve ever tried to start your own online business, you probably know that one of the most difficult challenges is making it look good. The Web app we are developing needs a clean look and an intuitive interface. Design is what really ties the Web app together. Wells Riley, a UI/UX […]