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Simple is a Relative Word


It seems that the holy grail of any web-based project management software app is a state of consumer nirvana collectively coined as “simple.” The word has become so popular — and mis-applied — that compound superlatives are becoming more commonplace; “absurdly simple”, “unbelievably simple”, and so on. Yet, it is difficult to objectively define simplicity […]

Your app sucks and it’s all your fault


I am an iPhone newbie. I just got it last week. So the first thing I did was sift through the app store in search of cool apps I could install. I instantly zeroed in on the Public Radio Tuner, an iPhone app that “features hundreds of public radio streams available for free!” I was […]

Simple or Complex?


When we first started out building Intervals, we were responding to the lack of applications available that were more than ‘simple.’ We tried running several of these ‘simple’ web-based project management applications, but none of them fit our needs. We need task tracking, time tracking, reporting, and invoicing; the main components of our web development […]