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An Overview of the Open Source Landscape at OSCON 2011


This last July I had another opportunity to attend OSCON 2011 in Portland, Oregon. So I did what any self-described beer and technology enthusiast would do, I jumped on a plane and flew north. While in attendance, I soaked in as much knowledge as I could — insight, instruction, tips, and funny stories about the […]

Calculate the number of lines in a CSV file using PHP and Linux


When parsing large text files, particularly CSV files, web developers often need to know the number of lines contained in the file up front. Knowing the CSV line count is useful for a number of reasons, for example, displaying a progress meter while parsing the large file, or estimating how long the parsing process might […]

PDF Creation Using Deferred Process Execution in PHP


This post discusses how developers at Intervals switched from using PDFLib in a single page load for PDF exports to wkhtmltopdf in multiple processes to allow for improved PDF appearance, reduced server load, and enhanced usability for the end user. The Search for a New PDF Library One awesome feature of Intervals is that it […]