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How to Kickstart Your Creativity, Without a Computer


“Man is a slow, sloppy, and brilliant thinker; computers are fast, accurate, and stupid.” ― John Pfeiffer Every web designer I know, including myself, has experienced an utter absence of creativity at the time it is needed most. A deadline is coming up in a few hours, or 5pm is minutes away, and we are stuck. […]

Designing Web Sites Using Pencil and Paper


When asked about what goes into a web site design most of us web designers will automatically start talking about color palettes, image formats, UI effects, and of course, Photoshop and its endless array of filters, plugins and effects. What about the design? Where do the ideas and the creativity come from? How does a […]

Time Tracking on Paper


Time tracking is a common dilemma for most small businesses that bill hourly for their time, or who need to account for employee time. One popular solution is to track time on paper timesheets. While this practice certainly does get people to track their time, it doesn’t do much more than that. At Pelago, we […]