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Why Code Copyright Should Matter to Web Developers


Most web designers and developers are familiar with copyright law. We make sure our web designs are not infringing on other’s work.  We purchase the proper licenses for fonts and photos. And we run the copy through plagiarism checkers. But what about the code we write? Code copyright is an issue we don’t think about […]

7 Questions to ask when Adopting Open Source Software into Your Project


In the last twelve years our agency has been designing and developing Web-based applications and Web sites, we’ve encountered our fair share of Open Source software projects. We’ve evaluated Open Source options for server OSes, Web servers, programming languages, databases, productivity software, web site software, and several other types of software projects. For each project […]

Open Source Project Management Software Review


We are, and always have been, big fans of open source software. In our daily workflow at Pelago we use various open source technologies; PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, Apache, Subversion, and many others. We primarily use these open source technologies in developing Intervals, our online time, task and project management software, and in designing and […]