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Online Time Tracking Software and Fixed Bid Projects


The two most common contracts used by creative agencies throughout the world are the time and materials contract and the fixed bid contract. Agencies working under a time and materials contract will likely use online time tracking software. It’s the most efficient and accurate way to track billable hours. But, what about agencies working under a fixed bid contract? […]

Why You Should be Tracking Your Time in the New Year


The first week of January marks a new beginning characterized by resolutions and excitement for what’s to come in the new year. By the second week, we’ll settle back into our old habits. The excitement will wane and resolutions will be neglected. Their momentum just not enough to carry them more than a few days. […]

Online Time Tracking Software is not a Silver Bullet


I have had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with several customers who use Intervals for their online time tracking. And each one has shared a similar story. Online time tracking software is great. It’s awesome. But it’s not a silver bullet. Many of our customers have a similar experience when they first start using Intervals. […]