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Should web designers and developers bill time spent in meetings?


Absolutely, and i’ll tell you why: Meetings are a usage of your time. If you are not billing them for that meeting, than you aren’t billing anyone for that time. Too many meetings and you start losing money. Meetings will almost always require some transfer of knowledge from you to the client. We’ve never been […]

3 Types of Meetings for Web Development Teams


Everybody knows that nobody likes meetings. Try pulling a developer away in the midst of a coding binge without them groaning and sulking over to the conference table. Seen by some as a necessary evil, meetings are an essential component of team collaboration. The goal for successfully managing a creative development team isn’t to eliminate […]

Intervals Workflow — keeping track of meeting notes


As a developer I work much better once I have a list of tasks in front of me. I’m also required to sit in many meetings, which conclude with me trying to distill action items from the various topics of discussion. I’ve tried notepads, which work well, but rely on me recalling conversations behind numerous, […]