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Intervals Summer Updates


Here at Intervals we are continuing to update and improve our web-based time, task and reporting software. Our latest round of updates includes multi-day notes, more locales, more performance optimizations, and more help articles. Here is what we’ve been up to… Multi-day Notes Intervals has always supported the ability to add notes to the calendar. These notes […]

Locales supported in Intervals


Non US locale support is officially live. Here are the current locales available in Intervals: ## UPDATED 10/01/2020 ## Afrikaans (South Africa) Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Arabic (United Arab Emirates) Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Chinese (China) Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R., China) Chinese (Singapore) Chinese (Taiwan) Croatian (Croatia) Czech (Czech Republic) Danish (Denmark) Dutch (Belgium) Dutch (Netherlands) […]

Support for non US Locales goes live tomorrow


Additional Date/Time and Currency Support Going Live Wednesday, April 25th at approximately 6:00 AM Pacific Tomorrow morning we will be launching support for Locales outside of the United States. This has been a high demand feature and we are excited to get it launched. What can be expected during the launch? Our launch window is […]