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Better Estimating Through Time Tracking


Estimating a project before it’s begun is difficult, but, it’s also necessary for communicating expectations to the client and delivering a successful project in the end. Whether you are billing time and materials, flat fee, or monthly subscription, creating an accurate estimate beforehand will lay the groundwork for the project’s timeline, budget, and profitability. Fortunately, […]

New Feature: Time Remaining on Tasks


  We recently launched a new feature that will help teams keep a closer watch on their current tasks. The task listing and task view pages now report how much time is remaining on a task. To start using this feature, update each task and add an estimate. Intervals will take over from there, keeping […]

Track time spent on tasks for better estimating and reporting


Time tracking is a discipline that can be difficult to incorporate into your day to day workflow. With practice, however, it becomes second nature and the efforts spent tracking time pays for itself in the form of more accurate billing. That’s just one benefit. There are others. Assuming you are breaking down your projects into […]