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New Case Study: Arctic Circle Enterprises


We recently reached out to our customers to hear their stories and how they use Intervals. This case study features Arctic Circle Enterprises, a maker of custom and wholesale apparel and hard goods. They are the largest Alaskan distributor of apparel, souvenirs, and gifts designed by Alaskan artists, and they’ve been using Intervals to streamline […]

New Case Study: Clark Land Design


We recently reached out to our customers to find out how they are using Intervals to run their small business. For this case study, we feature a landscape architectural and land use planning agency that exemplifies how Intervals can be used effectively for both tracking time and billing clients. Clark Land Design has taken our […]

New Intervals Case Studies: Profiles of Our Customers


Web design, graphic design, and creative agencies all over the world are using Intervals to¬†improve their time, task and project management workflow, and increase their profitability. We recently interviewed a few of these customers to learn more about what makes them successful as an agency and how Intervals played a role. So without further ado, […]