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API Authentication Methodologies


Building an API? In the midst of building an API for Intervals, our web-based project management software, we researched several options for authentication. In case you are considering building your own API, we’ve published an overview of each method below. HTTP Basic Authentication. Similar implementations: Basecamp (http://developer.37signals.com/basecamp/), blogger (deprecated) (http://code.blogger.com/archives/atom-docs.html#authentication) Requests are authenticated in the […]

What’s next for Intervals? – Intervals Roadmap Update


A few weeks back we sent out an email to all current Intervals account owners letting them about some upcoming features. The contents of that email are below. Task Flexibility Estimated launch: Next Few Weeks We are starting the process of making tasks less rigid to accommodate different types of work flows. End date is […]

Stringing along programs and APIs?


The idea of a mashable web, a woven strand of APIs, is a good one, and we’ve seen a lot of great projects as a result. But how well does this idea translate to running a business? Is it effective to run your business using several different applications that require several different logins? What is […]