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How to Kickstart Your Creativity, Without a Computer


“Man is a slow, sloppy, and brilliant thinker; computers are fast, accurate, and stupid.” ― John Pfeiffer Every web designer I know, including myself, has experienced an utter absence of creativity at the time it is needed most. A deadline is coming up in a few hours, or 5pm is minutes away, and we are stuck. […]

Adventures in Analog Time Tracking


Before there was such a thing as online time tracking software, I was already obsessed with tracking my time. I’d worked in creative agencies, web design agencies, web development shops, software development companies, and even dabbled in IT. Regardless of my role at each job, I wanted to know how much time I was working, […]

Creative outlets for web designers


“The artist is an exalted craftsman”Walter GropiusThe Bauhaus Manifesto As web designers, we are all too familiar with the frustrations that can accompany client projects. Building web sites is often driven by overbearing decision makers who inevitably want to see the logo bigger, text colored red and bolded, and several volumes of the Encyclopedia Corporatanica […]