How Small Creative Agencies Benefit From Time Tracking

John Reeve | February 6th, 2023 | ,

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We recently consulted with a small creative agency that was struggling with communication and collaboration after having transitioned to remote work. Their team dynamic had thrived on being a small group of highly talented individuals working in the same space. Working remote was proving to be more disruptive than anyone had anticipated.

To help regain their harmony, the team implemented our time tracking software, Intervals. We consulted by learning their business operations and helping them customize Intervals to complement their workflow processes. After a few months, here are the benefits the small creative agency reported experiencing as a direct result of deploying time tracking software for remote work.

  1. Team collaboration
    Time tracking, combined with task management tools, provide team members with a clear view of their workload, and shows who’s working on what. This allows them to prioritize tasks and collaborate more efficiently.
  2. Productivity
    By tracking time spent on tasks and projects, the creative agency discovered exactly where their time was going. They were able to identify inefficiencies — specific areas where they had been wasting time — and increase productivity.
  3. Project management
    Time tracking allowed the agency to accurately track project progress and compare against their estimates. This helped them identify potential delays and make necessary adjustments to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  4. Billing and invoicing
    The accuracy of time tracking software grew the agency’s billable hours by 25% without having to work more. Capturing hours more accurately enabled the agency to provide more detailed invoices and bill clients for the actual time spent on their projects, resulting in improved cash flow.
  5. Client reporting
    By providing clients with more accurate reports detailing the time spent on their projects and tasks, the agency was able to create transparency and strengthen trust.

At the end of the day, time tracking helped this small creative agency improve its communications and work remotely more efficiently. And, it provided valuable insights into their productivity and profitability, revealing how they can continue to improve workflow and grow the agency.

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