Weekly Timesheets – An introduction and advanced features

Michael Payne | April 30th, 2021

Time tracking is a core feature of Intervals. One of the main reasons why a customer picks Intervals over another solution is the fully integrated time tracking with weekly timesheet approvals in addition to the ability to manage projects, project budgets, and tasks. The time tracking is fully integrated and part of the regular way you work. We believe this is the best way to get truly accurate time tracking. To track time on the actual items you work on.

Because Intervals tracks total productivity and it is not a time clock system where you clock in and clock out for breaks and lunch we created this video to serve two purposes. The first half of the video introduces how weekly timesheets work and how the submission and approval workflow is handled. The second half answers common questions we receive in support. While watching the video please roll your mouse over the red progress line to jump chapters if you want to jump ahead.

Items covered in this video include the following.

Features of weekly timesheets in Intervals

  • Tracking time chunks on tasks and projects. Not a clock in and clock out system
  • Timers to assist with accurate time tracking
  • Built-in weekly submit and approval workflow
  • Approved weekly timesheets are locked and cannot be edited unless deliberately unapproved
  • Weekly reminders to submit and approve time

Commonly asked questions

  • How do I edit already approved timesheets?
  • If I don’t track time, do I have to use the timesheet system?
  • Who can approve timesheets?
  • Can I see who hasn’t tracked time?
  • Is there a way to associate people with their team leaders for timesheet approvals?

The time tracking system in Intervals is a powerful way to track your most valuable asset — your time. When we first built Intervals, we were unsure of how to set a cadence that helps assist time tracking, locks approved time, and builds good habits around time tracking. After experimenting with different methods, the weekly submission and approval mechanism turned out to be the optimal way to achieve the goals of enforcing time tracking habits and getting good/accurate time data.

For more information on time tracking, check out this blog post about the value of tracking time.

If you have any questions about weekly timesheets or time tracking with Intervals, please reach out to us. We are happy to help out and get your questions answered.

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