How Intervals Gives Back to the Environment

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How Intervals Gives Back to the Environment

A local environmental group, LoaTree, was kind enough to include us in an article about 1% for the Planet members in our local community. From the article:

Pelago Design, a software service provider, offers their web based time tracking, task management and reporting software to web designers in over 100 countries. But don’t let their tech-image fool you. Pelago business partners John Reeve and Michael Payne admit to being very outdoorsy. In fact, Pelago company retreats often take place in the Eastern Sierra Mountains.

With a love for being active in the natural world, Reeve and Payne became familiar with Patagonia, leading them to hear about 1% FTP. “We thought we could join 1% FTP and give money to the Eastern Sierra Land Trust,” says Reeve, “and we did for a couple of years, until we decided we wanted to transition to something more local.”

Read the entire article here:
Giving Back and Making Change: Growing the 1% for the Planet Network

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John Reeve

John is a co-founder, web designer and developer at Pelago. His blog posts are inspired by everyday encounters with designers, developers, creatives and small businesses in general. John is an avid reader and road cyclist.
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Michael Payne

Michael is a co-founder and product architect at Pelago. His contributions stem from experiences managing the development process behind web sites and web-based applications such as Intervals. Michael drives a 1990 Volkswagen Carat with a rebuilt 2.4 liter engine from GoWesty.
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