Who’s Not Tracking Their Time?

John Reeve | January 31st, 2013 | ,

The most obvious benefits of using online time tracking software are the ease of recording employee hours, generating productivity reports, and billing clients. As long as your team is logging in and tracking their time, the rest is relatively easy. Using the software is the easy part. The challenge is getting your team to adopt the online software into their day-to-day workflow.

What happens when members of your team don’t track their time? You have two choices. The easiest, short-sighted, choice is to abandon the software and try something else. The more difficult, more rewarding, option is to work with your team, helping them learn the discipline of tracking their time online.

Missing timesheets using online time tracking software

Our online time tracking software, Intervals, has a feature designed to help encourage team members who aren’t tracking their time. The missing timesheet feature, pictured above, renders a list of people and weeks that don’t have any time entries recorded. The list also includes the ability to notify those on it, to gently remind them to log in and add their time.

Getting your entire team on board with tracking their time online is not going to be easy, nor should it be difficult. The missing timesheets report from Intervals is just one of many features that can help your team. To find out how some of these features might benefit your team, sign up for a free and fully functional 30 day trial.

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