Online Time Tracking Simplified: The Crosschart Report

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When you use online time tracking software to track your time, the data can be quite useful in making informed business decisions. Should you fire a problematic client? Should you hire another freelancer? What should you expect from your team?

If you are tracking your time, the data can help answer these business questions. Our online time tracking software, Intervals, has an advanced report we call the Crosschart report. This report allows you to define the X and Y axis as any combination of data points — client, project, milestone, task, work type, or person.


Online Time Tracking Simplified: The Crosschart Report

The Crosschart report, showing time tracking data for a client by task and by person. 

The Crosschart report can filter this time tracking data as well, narrowing down the data to focus on one client, one person, or several other criteria. Filter and cross reference time tracking data points with one another for a given date range and you have an advanced report providing a unique insight into your workflow.



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