Time Tracking at “Terminal” Velocity Using Node.js

John Reeve | April 5th, 2011 | , ,

Time Tracking at Terminal Velocity Using Node.jsTake a look at what one of our customers was able to cook up using node.js and the Intervals time tracking API. It’s a command line interface to time tracking. For those of us who spend a lot of their time in terminal clients, a command line method for adding time to our Intervals account is a welcome tool. This utility is also useful for anyone wanting to implement node.js into an application without having to interface directly with the Intervals API, since Ori Pekelman and François de Metz have already done it for you. Check out what Ori and François have done:

You might want to have a look at:


A very cool, though early stage command-line interface to intervals using node.js.

It allows technical adept people to report using something as simple as:
intervals [–date 2011-03-14] [–date 2011-03-13] [–hours 4] [–billable] [–description “Hello World”]

Thanks, Ori and François!

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  1. Ori Pekelman says:

    Can’t take any credit for this one, I did start something but miserably failed… all credit goes to François de Metz and Arnaud Berthomier.

    Probably the coolest feature: You can now set multiple date at once with multiple –date (thanks oz).
    So if you have recurring tasks you can with a single command get them all in!

    And basically as most everything AF83 does, this is open source and you are more then invited to pitch in…

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