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We’ve recently launched a new round of updates focused primarily on making Intervals run faster. Although Intervals was already plenty fast enough, we like to stay ahead of the curve, offering an online time tracking, task management and project management application that exceeds people’s expectations. Intervals is a comprehensive application that covers many aspects of small business productivity, especially those involved in web design, web development and creative services. Intervals helps small businesses with time tracking, task management, project management, invoicing, document sharing, reporting and many other aspects related to productivity. As such, it is our top priority to keep Intervals running quickly and smoothly. Nothing ruins an online application like slowness. So the next time you login to Intervals you will notice the application running faster in general, but especially in the following areas…

Time Tracking

Online Time Tracking SoftwareWe’ve improved how time data is stored and retrieved by Intervals, resulting in an overall faster time tracking experience. Actual time tracked, project estimates, timesheets, project dashboards and client dashboards are all noticeably faster as a result.

Task Management

Online Task Management SoftwareTask management is one of Intervals core features. Both time tracking and project management features interact heavily with tasks. It’s important to keep tasks snappy and we’ve done even more of that with these improvements. Update tasks quickly while emailing alerts to everyone involved. And keep track of task comments and updates with contextual hover views.

Project Management

Online Project Management SoftwareEverything you need to know about a project is contained within Intervals. Track time against project and task estimates while keeping an eye on project budget, without twiddling your thumbs waiting for numbers to crunch and gears to churn. Detailed project data is always available with just a few clicks of the mouse. Intervals keeps you up-to-date on all of your projects in real-time.


Online Time, Task and Project Management SoftwareReports are running faster and leaner than ever. You’ll find no limitations on how far back you can go when running time tracking reports. And you’ll find incredibly detailed reports take very little time to generate, giving you the data you need when you need it. Need to know how much time has been tracked against a new client project? Or which web designer is putting in the most time on a creative project? The various reports will give you this information in real-time.


Generate invoices based on time tracking data and project expenses with increased speed. When the end of the month arrives and you are sending out all of your invoices, Intervals will generate each one quickly and accurately. Your clients will be happier to have the process more automated and you will get paid sooner. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Online Document Sharing, Time, Task and Project Management SoftwareQuickly search and download documents uploaded by your web designers, developers, staff and your clients. The Intervals documents tab allows you to quickly scan through lists of documents and whittle them down until you’ve found that one Photoshop file from a project completed last year.

Intervals is not just an online project management app for working in the present. It’s core features — time tracking, task management and project management — enable you to accurately plan and manage the future, and to dig back into the past. When managing a small business it’s important to not only know where you are going, but also where you have been.

If you don’t already have an Intervals account, sign up for one today and try it free for 30 days. It might just be the time tracking and project management app you’ve been looking for.

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