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We’re upgrading all Intervals plans at no extra cost to you

That’s right. We are upgrading all Intervals plans, at no extra cost to you, to include more document storage and more active projects. In addition, we’re adding SSL to the Not So Basic plan. Why are we doing this? Because we’ve been listening to feedback from our customers and agree with them that upgrades like these are good for both you and Intervals.

Here is a breakdown of the plan upgrades:

  • Basic Plan – Number of active projects increased to 15, document storage increased to 1 Gb
  • Not So Basic Plan – Number of active projects increased to 30, document storage increased to 2 Gb, SSL 256-bit Encryption added.
  • Premium Plan – Number of active projects increased to 75, document storage increased to 5 Gb
  • Top Shelf Plan – Number of active projects is still unlimited, document storage increased to 15 Gb

It is our goal that these plan upgrades will help you find it easier to choose the plan that best fits your needs, while also getting more for your money.

Recent improvements and infrastructure upgrades

As you may have heard, we recently upgraded the Intervals infrastructure, adding more powerful and energy efficient servers, and more redundancy to further reduce the possibility of any downtime. We are excited about these improvements and hope you are as well. In general, you should notice Intervals running faster.

In addition to the infrastructure improvements, we are continually tweaking and tuning Intervals behind the scenes to optimize performance. We believe it’s not only the big things that count, but the little things as well, and we are doing everything in our power to improve Intervals from top to bottom.

One Percent for the Planet

Eastern Sierra Land TrustIn the spirit of Earth Day, we are pleased to say that we are still a contributing member to One Percent for the Planet, and that this year’s contribution is again going to the Eastern Sierra Land Trust. They are a respectable organization that works with land owners to protect vital lands and preserve a healthy balance of uses — from ranching to biking, wildlife habitats to favorite fishing spots — that can be sustained forever. The Eastern Sierra has always been considered a treasured resource by the team at Intervals, and we committed ourselves to contributing to the local economy while maintaining a healthy environment.

What’s next in the pipeline?

We have two major features in development that are worth mentioning; the API and desktop widgets. We are actively working on both, as they are two of the most requested features by our customers. So, what will the API and desktop widgets do for our customers? First, the API will allow other developers to build their own tools on top of the Intervals application. For example, you may want to create your own customized reports or build an automated tool that updates your Intervals data on a regular basis. Second, the desktop widgets will enable you to manage your time and tasks without having a web browser open. Simply pop open the widget to start a timer and stash it away until you need to get back to that timer or update a task, all without having to navigate through Intervals in a web browser.

What about other new features? Since we typically update Intervals every three weeks it would be impossible to list everything we are working on, but our goal is to communicate openly about some of the bigger items we have under development that should be completed in the near future.

If you are interested in beta testing either of these features, please, let us know. You can send an email to and we’ll add you to our list of beta testers.

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