Why Project Management Software is Like Beer

John Reeve | February 8th, 2008 | ,

The web-based project management space offers many options for small businesses needing online help with task and time tracking. We knew this when we built Intervals, but we went ahead and built Intervals anyways. Why? Because this is an enormous space, with many different businesses and many different needs. The web-based project management space is much like the world of beer; and Intervals is the microbrew you discover at your corner market, and wonder how you could have had so many cookouts without it.

Stay with me on this.

You have your big beer corporations — Budweiser, Miller, Coors — who churn out mass-marketed, one-size-fits-all, same-great-taste, watery substance that can be found in every grocery store around the world. Think Microsoft Project or Quickbooks; both products we’ve used, but which failed to satisfy our humble cravings for tastier hops.

Then you have your macrobrews. Beers with humble beginnings — Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Redhook — who’ve since become poster children for microbrews, but aren’t really microbrews any more. Marketing has us all convinced that they are still a small operation in the foothills of the western sierra. Their customers are loyal in promoting their microbrewness. But the best we can hope for in terms of new experiences is seasonal summer blondes and winter ales. Basecamp, for one, is a macrobrew, still brewing with the same recipe that made them a success, while turning down those numbed palates who dare to ask for new flavors.

Finally you have your microbrews, too numerous to name (though my personal favorite is Santa Maria Brewing Co). These breweries truly mean it when they say hand-crafted. And the brewmaster is just a shout away from the counter, where you can tell him what you think of his beer; and, though he may not put exotic kiwi berries into his next batch, at least he’ll listen and ask if he can pour you another. We built Intervals as a microbrew, a unique blend of task and time tracking, with a few extra features like invoicing and reporting, to round out a simple, yet sophisticated brew. Intervals is not for everyone. But there are many who will roadtrip the entire pacific northwest before stopping off the side of a blue highway to experience a pint, and end up with their name on a stool.

So, pull up a stool and try Intervals for free, especially if your tired of the big city macrobrews. And if you don’t like Intervals, we’ll understand; there are plenty of other stops along the road.

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