Task email ehancements – BCC, CC, and quick click

Michael Payne | June 27th, 2007

We just launched improvements to the “send email message” feature at the task level. Say for example, you are working on a task and want to email your customer but do not want to move away from Intervals and use your email client, you can correspond with them directly in Intervals. We added CC capabilities and BCC capabilities and layered in quick clicks for common task related information (task title, company name, etc.). These are rarely used, but can be very handy in certain situations. They fit our general mantra with Intervals that tracking time and task management should be in the forefront and very easy to use, while the advanced features are subdued but available when needed.

The screenshot also shows how the AJAX auto fill works. Any team member associated with the project you are working on will show up when the typing pauses if Intervals recognizes who you are typing. Steve is the example in the screenshot.

Task Management Email enhancements
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