Approve all timesheets, Budget email alert, and new “Break it down” report

Michael Payne | June 1st, 2007 | , , ,

Today we launched a few updates and enhancements to Intervals. Included in today’s launch:

1. Bug fix with weekly summary report

2. Alert me when % of budget is reached

3. Home page tuning – if only 1 task go directly to that task instead of a filtered task list

4. Project editing – people chunks are collapsible

5. New Report – Break it Down

6. Quickly Approve all Timesheets

Here are a few screenshots:

Alert when % of budget reached
Project budget notification
Email that is sent when budget is reached
Project Budget Alert Email

Break it Down Report

Break it Down Report

  • Quickly view all hours billable vs unbillable
  • View hours by client, project, person, time frame, etc.
  • This is probably our most powerful report for hi level productivity (the weekly trends report may disagree)

Approve All Timesheets
Approve all timesheets

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