Intervals Development Officially Underway – Web based task and time management

Michael Payne | March 4th, 2005 | , , ,

We’ve formulated the plan to turn our internal task tracker into Intervals. Intervals will be web based task and time management. We tried a lot of different products and none of them fit our process so we created our “task tracker” in 2003 as a proof of concept. The proof of concept has been very successful and increased our billing by over 30% the first quarter we used it. There are tons of products in this “task management”, “project management”, “time tracking” space, but most fail in execution. We feel there are three distinct types of products in this space:

1. Timesheet management
2. Project Management
3. Monstrous beasts that try to do everything and fail miserably

Intervals is an “accountability” tool that has Tasks and Time at it’s heart…since that’s the front lines where work gets done. It allows you to keep track of where you are spending your time. The tracking time part is very easy…just start a timer whenever you start a task. Intervals sends email reminders and will nag to keep tasks on track and timesheets submitted.

We’re excited that we’ve officially started. More to come….

Intervals Development Plan

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