Intervals API Resource: worktype

The base URL for this resource is located at

The work type resource is used to retrieve default work types. Default work types are available to all projects. To create a work type only available to one project, use the projectworktype resource instead.


Allowed HTTP Methods
MethodGroup Access
Allowed Filters
Filter NameRequired?ExpectsDefaultDescription
active no boolean
offset no integer Return worktypes starting from the nth worktype.
limit no integer 10 Sets a limit to the amount of worktypes returned in the response.

1 Indicates that multiple values are allowed, in CSV format (e.g. "3,5,11,19").
2 This field accepts HTML, but certain HTML elements may be stripped out.


To retrieve the entire list of this resource:

GET /worktype/

To filter the list based on certain parameters:

GET /worktype/?active={value}

Note: You can string together multiple filters.


Allowed HTTP Methods
MethodGroup Access
Settable Fields for PUT and POST Requests
Field NameRequired?ExpectsDefaultDescription
name yes string (155)
defaulthourlyrate yes double
active yes boolean

string (xxx) indicates a string with a maximum length of xxx characters.


To retrieve one member resource:

GET /worktype/{id}/

Assuming no errors, the server will respond with 200 OK and the object requested.

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