Intervals API Errors

The following is a list of error codes for the Intervals project management software API.

API Code Details HTTP Status Code
1General (unknown) error.500
2Customer account not found (possible bad subdomain401
3Customer account inactive401
4Customer account suspended503
5Customer account banned418
6Paid customer account inactive due to non-payment402
7User not found401
8User not active401
9Invalid auth (bad username/password)401
10Permissions error. User/Company does not have access to this information.403
11Maximum number of daily API requests exceeded400
12Requests too fast400
13Resource type requested does not exist (e.g. if you requested 'miletsone' instead of 'milestone').400
14Resource requested does not exist (e.g. if you wanted task 25 and it doesn't exist)404
15Action not available for resource (e.g. if they wanted to perform task 'reopen').400
16HTTP method not available (e.g. if you try to call DELETE client without the id).400
17Parameter not recognized (e.g. when they try to filter on 'statusid' when it's not possible).400
18Validation error (e.g. missing required field/parameter, or bad field/parameter).400
19Database Error (something went wrong on our end)500
20Service offline. (system down, try again later)502

HTTP Status Codes

Here are some general rules of thumb when considering the HTTP responses that are returned to you:

200 OK, 201 Created, 202 Accepted:
Everything went awesome.

400 Bad Request:
Your request is invalid and/or not formed properly. You need to reformulate your request.

401 Not Authorized:
Either you need to provide authentication credentials, or the credentials provided aren't valid.

403 Forbidden:
We understand your request, but are refusing to fulfill it. An accompanying error message should explain why.

404 Not Found:
Either you're requesting an invalid URI or the resource in question doesn't exist (ex: no such user).

500 Internal Server Error:
We did something wrong. We'll be notified and we'll look into it.

502 Bad Gateway:
Returned if Intervals is down or being upgraded, or if the system is overloaded and API requests are being throttled.

503 Service Unavailable:
Usually as a result of suspension, we are refusing to process this request. You *may* try again later.

Example Error Response

An example of an XML response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<intervals status="Unauthorized" code="401">
        <message>User bad auth</message>

An example of a JSON response:

        "message":"User bad auth"

Note: These example responses have been formatted for easy viewing. The actual response returns with whitespace stripped.

As you can see, the output contains two separate error codes: one represents the HTTP code (this attribute is available in all responses whether good or bad), and the other the more precise Intervals API error code.

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