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What are the user levels and what can they see?

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    • Michael
    • Jul 14th 2007 edited @ 05/28/2010 8:45 am

    There are four types of users in Intervals. Here is a quick introduction to each level:

    Administrators are the only user level not limited by project level permissions and can see and do everything. They can change the site settings, create users, create projects, edit time, and approve time. Administrator level users are the only users that can approve timesheets. This is done primary because Intervals features project level permissions so you could run into a scenario where a manager level user does not have access to the same projects that are assigned to a resource so they would only have a partial view of what the person is working on. Since administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions any administrator level user can approve time.

    Managers can see all budgetary information related to the projects that they have been granted access to. They cannot create new users or new projects and they can only run reports on the projects that they are a part of. They do not see site settings.

    Resources do not see any budget or financial information. They can only see their timesheet and have limited reporting. They can see all tasks for the projects they have access to. In the projects section they only see project notes and documents.

    Update: Restricted Resource Preference
    If you create or edit a resource level user there is an option to:

    Restrict task access? yes / no

    If set to yes the user will only be able to view tasks which they own or are assigned. They will not be able to edit or create milestones. Also, they cannot view documents from tasks they do not own or are not the assignee. They can access project documents and project notes. This preference is a way to further restrict a resource to only see what they are assigned.

    Executives can be used to make your client or a hi level reviewer a part of the process. Executive users only see the projects that they have been granted access. Executive users can submit work requests and have a few limited reports and cannot see who has done the work or any comments that are made on tasks unless "allow executive users to view this comment" has been selected on the individual task comment. In essence you can have comments for your team that executives cannot see and then executive specific comments on the same task. They see a high level view of the task that includes the summary, due date, project, module, milestone, etc. You might want to create a generic executive user and log in as them to see what they can do.

    Update: Executive Users Granular Controls
    Executive users have been modified to give greater control over what they see. When creating or editing an executive user the following options are present:

    Allow commenting on tasks & milestones - yes / no
    - if set to yes the user will have the ability to add comments to milestones and tasks

    Allow to view time - yes / no
    - if set to no the user will not see time on tasks, milestones, projects, and does not have the report link in the navigation since all of the reports are time centric

    Allow to view financials - yes / no
    - if set to no the user will not see any financial information on reports or within projects and includes project fees, payments, and the financial value of work. If you flat bid on your projects this is a good preference to set to no.

    Allow to view invoices - yes / no
    - if set to no the user does not see the invoices tab in the navigation or the invoices link within projects

    For each of these user types you can setup your team however you like. At Pelago we are primarily Administrators and Resources and we create Executive users for our clients on a case-by-case basis.

    Is there a way to allow Clients (Executive role) to add comments to the Task? Thanks ~ Scott
    How can you change an existing user to Executive? In edit users, Executive does not show up on the drop down list. It only shows up in create new users.

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