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Add ability for Executive Users to make comments on tasks

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    Today we received this request:

    Is it possible for 'executive' role users to enter comments on tasks (possibly this would be a per-project or even per-task setting) as it seems that there is a loss in continuity of a customer being able to make a task request but then never follow it up in a documented manner.

    We do have this feature on our development road map. We have a similar problem as well where sometimes you don't want an Executive making comments, but other times you do. We have made a few of our Clients 'Resource' level users and a few are 'Managers'. This works well for clients you are close with and a ton of transperancy is OK, but we wouldn't want to do this across the board.

    We have plans to make comments work similarly to how documents work where you can decide on a per comment basis to allow the Executive user to view the comment. We also plan to add "allow this user to make task comments" as an option to Executive users.

    Hi Michael, its been about a month and our customers love the simplicity of the Executive view however they still want to be able to comment. We are really keen to see this option added...



    Some further thinking on this is that the workflow is a little disconnected in tasks in that we can set a task to 'client approval' but as an executive there is no way of enforcing this workflow. The only choice is to have the customer brought in to the deeper application. This causes a concern for me since I know most all of my clients would not be capable of understanding all the things which are going on inside Intervals. The executive UI is perfect for them... We have the start of a workflow in that customers can raise a task and then it goes in the pending work list. The problem is that when an item is sent to a customer for review there is no way of assigning the review back to the customer and no way of obtaining feedback on that task within the task (using comments as requested above)



    ## update ##

    Two updates for this particular discussion:

    1. Executive Users can be make comments on tasks now. This feature went live a few weeks back, but I neglected to update this topic. It works globally...meaning that an Executive User can be granted the ability to make comments in their profile in the people section. If they are granted access to make comments they can make comments for all projects that they have access to. So they either can or cannot make comments. We contemplated project level permissions, but that seemed like it could complicated and trickier to manage.

    2. Email notifications to executives got easier today. We launched the ability to directly email task comments to executive users. You can pick all of the executives that have access to a give project or just is totally up to you. Here is a blog post about emailing executive users on task comments.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


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