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Offline time tracking

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    • Michael
    • Jun 12th 2007 edited @ 06/12/2007 9:43 am

    We are contemplating our options for Intervals use when away from the ole desktop. The front running idea is to make a handheld/mobile version of Intervals that has only the essentials.

    For example:
    - Run timers
    - View Tasks
    - Add Expenses
    - View a few hi level reports

    What would you like to see on a handheld version?


    This is a feature we have been looking to implement for some time.
    We are using Cingluar 8525 pocket pc phones and offline time tracking would be great for our on the road service technicians.
    My suggestion is: keep it simple. To many clicks and it becomes unusable. But judging from the rest you know how to do that very well!!

    Thanks for the great product!



    Any progress on this item?


    • jreeve
    • Jan 17th 2008 edited @ 01/17/2008 8:57 am

    We are soliciting feedback on this feature. Let us know what devices you use, and what features you would like to see in a mobile version of Intervals. Please browse over to the forum discussion on a mobile Intervals.



    My suggestion is that it is a client and not just a web thing. Keep it simple like the web, not to many clicks.
    We are using windows mobile cingluar 8525.


    • ken
    • Apr 4th 2009

    I would like to use a simple desktop timer while offline. Then upload the data after I'm back online. I notice that a couple other hosted project management services offer this integration, using timer apps such as:
    Tick Desktop, timerSync, Timepost, TSheets, Easy Time Tracking, and a few others designed for FreshBooks.

    Thanks, Ken

    We are currently developing a desktop widget that will track your time for you. HOwever, you will still need an internet connection for them to work. We'll also be releasing our API soon. HOpefully some of our customers will build some interesting apps using the API!
    How's the widget coming along? its been two years since it was first mentioned!
    • Michael
    • May 31st 2009 edited @ 06/30/2010 6:47 pm
    You may want to have a look at the roadmap discussion here for some of the items under development. The widget is on the roadmap but the timing has shuffled around a bit.

    The mobile experience just went beta and can be used to track time on a handheld or create a quasi timer dock on your desktop. Here is an introduction to the mobile experience.

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