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Intervals on mobile devices

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    We've had several customers ask when Intervals might be available for mobile devices, such as cell phones, blackberries, and the iphone. It's a much-desired feature, especially considering the amount of time we spend away from our computers. It would be ideal to have a mobile version of Intervals that allows you to start and stop timers while you are out in the field, updating your timesheet as you wait to catch a plane, or running a quick financial report in the middle of a client meeting; the uses of a mobile Intervals are infinite.

    At Pelago, we use a combination of devices; Windows Mobile on Cingular 8125s, iPhones, and Blackberries. So which mobile devices do you use? Tell us what you think about a mobile Intervals; we'll be taking your ideas and input into consideration when we begin developing.


    A mobile version would be great; creating tasks on location, and manage timers when away. We use Mindows Mobile, Palm & Symbian / UIQ3. I think a web based mobile version would work best for us. As platform independent as possible.



    We are currently using Cingluar 8255 and 8125's. we have thought about making move to Motorola Q.
    I think offline would be a good idea.


    I tried to do this once through my blackberry, and gave up after 15 minutes of "running script". I think it would be cool


    Are there any plans on this? We are working on some pda plans would like the direction offline time tracking is going.



    iPod Touch (aka iPhone).

    On a related note, I'd love to be able to email an event to the system, e.g. that I've switched to a different activity. This would require defining a simple syntax, of course. But at my desktop that would be even easier that it already is; and it could let me submit task changes as TXT.

    It would even be useful if all I could do is text myself random notes, which the system might hold onto until I get online and can process them. Anything that reduces load on my memory is good!


    That request seems like it is happening here:

    We use Blackberry Pearl and would find mobile access to the system a great advantage
    We have iPhones across most of our company and would love something as a mobile app for use.
    Some of our customers are telling us that Intervals works well on the iphone. Our first priority is to build widgets for time tracking and task management for the desktop. Those will probably be portable to a PDA as well. We'll keep you posted.
    We use the iPhone throughout the company. I've been tinkering with Intervals through the Safari browser on the iPhone and it's a bit small but it does work quite well. An actual app that works with the iPhone would be genius.
    I tried using intervals on my iPhone last night and had Safari crash on me twice :(, thus I would love a mobile version, be it a version of the site customised for phones or an iPhone app (the latter preferred).
    Not to mention the lovely cash stream an iphone app will create for intervals. (hint: we want the app :))
    Samsung Omnia with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Opera Mobile browser. You guys should make sure Intervals works with Opera Mini and Opera Mobile as they're both pretty widely used, and the former isn't necessarily a smartphone program either, which means wider use. My boss just has a Motorola Razr but I'm sure it'd run Opera Mini. Much as a dedicated Intervals smartphone app would be neat, perhaps a cross-format special layout for small mobile screens would also be a good idea (even if it didn't work offline)?
    An iPhone App would be a great addition
    another vote here for 2 iphone users....

    quick comments:

    razr and most mobiles support Opera

    I'm using Windows mobile devices (OS 5 & 6) and there is also a browser called 'skyfire' that I find is faster & lighter than Opera and seem to render interval fine - just started using them, but i'm pretty impressed with skyfire's rendering capabilities in general - it just loads 'normal' web-pages and gives you zoom abilities so you don't need a hobbled mobile version of the sites you are visiting. just an fyi.


    I use a Motorola Q. CSS text with few fixed widths and no images would be good and fast.

    SMS would be best I think. Text codes like Harvestapp does only more.

    • gette
    • Oct 27th 2009 edited @ 10/27/2009 8:01 pm

    I would highly recommend developing for Android (Google) smartphones. Every cell phone provider and phone manufacturer is currently focusing on Android. It is not a matter of IF but WHEN it will have the marketshare.

    iPhone would also make sense, just do to current marketshare.

    IMO the others will start fading away (Symbian, RIM, WinMo, Palm).

    What about starting with a web based, auto-detect, such as this company I came across:


    Just released Android 2.0 SDK:


    This may be of interest, initially develop for Android and then compile to iPhone:

    Thanks for all of the input and the links. Our priorities have shift somewhat and we are currently focusing on building a mobile version of Intervals that will run on the web browser installed on your phone. Our goal is to get Intervals going on Safari and Opera on both the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. We'll be launching the widget shortly after. Once we've got that out there we'll start looking more into the iPhone app.
    PALM PRE!!! Much like the iPhone, it has an amazing browser that handles Intervals incredibly well... However, there is a LOT of zooming and panning... A mobile web version would be amazing! Also, much like the iPhone, the Palm WebOS has Apps!!! An Intervals App for Palm Pre would be Da BOMB!!!
    glad to see the news in your email today. web version much smarter than building a bunch of apps that only work on a device or two.

    May I please be allowed to use the mobile web beta version of Intervals? I am an Intervals user and have an Android phone using Android OS ver 2.1.

    Jack Hughes

    The beta version of the mobile experience is undergoing final testing and should go live this month. When the mobile experience goes beta an email will be sent out to all current Intervals account owners with instructions and a preview of the functionality.
    This is an interesting one . I would be allowed to use the mobile beta version.
    I use Sprint Samsung Intrepid.

    The mobile experience is officially beta. Checkout this blog post announcing the mobile beta and some planned improvements.

    ## Mobile Apps for Android & iOS are available ##
    Learn more and install the Intervals Mobile App for Android & iOS

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