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Invoicing in Intervals

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    We have received several requests about adding Invoicing to Intervals. We do have this in the master plan, but have moved back the development of this feature because we are currently gathering more information about how it should play out. We want to make sure we get it right and make it very easy to use.

    We have received two divergent and equally strong requests:

    1. QuickBooks integration for those who rely on QuickBooks
    2. Simple invoicing for those that do not want to rely on QuickBooks

    We plan to do both. If you feel passionate about this one, we would love to get your thoughts. In the meantime, the Project Activity report is very similar to an invoice and can be exported nicely.

    Please feel free to weigh in...


    • Michael
    • Jul 26th 2007 edited @ 08/01/2007 11:18 am

    Invoicing is almost ready for launch:
    Intervals Invoicing

    We have taken our time with this one because it is a pretty significant feature. It is not so much a ton of hours to develop, but people do invoicing in a lot of different ways. We want to make sure it is easy to use, but also works for a variety of different businesses. We have received a lot of great feedback from current Intervals users. Thank you for all the feedback. We plan to do some tuning and final testing in the next few weeks.

    • rlab
    • Jan 10th 2008
    Hi.. now that you have standalone invoicing, will you still consider QuickBooks integration?

    Definitely...and in fact we have it on the Intervals road-map. We need it ourselves. We want to be able to manage all of our work, track all of our time, and have the essential reports we need for our day to day in Intervals, but ultimately we still will use QuickBooks. We have learned that some Intervals users are excited about the basic invoicing that Intervals offers and don't want to use QuickBooks, while others (Pelago) plan to continue using it. We we plan to accomodate both scenarios.

    Here is a forum discussion on the Intervals road-map if you are interested.


    Intervals looks like a great solution to our time capture and project management problems but we use QuickBooks for company accounting and need to have the two integrated. Do you have any estimate as to the target date for the integration.

    Can you comment on how the manual integration would be done using CSV files if that it possible. We use the on-line version of QuickBooks.

    Emery Gordon
    Wired Moon


    This one has become a moving target as other items have become higher priority, but it is a must for us as well. At this point we are still gathering requirements and doing analysis. We want to make sure we make it easy to use. It would be great to learn what everyone needs. For us, we really just need to sync up our invoices. We are not worried about getting our tracked time into QuickBooks, but I know that this is not true for everyone.

    If others can weigh in and let us know what version you use (online vs. desktop) and what types of things you are looking to integrate that would help us a lot. We have learned that some people use QuickBooks to its fullest, while others have "just enough" data in it for tax purposes and closing books.

    • dscisco
    • Mar 21st 2008 edited @ 03/21/2008 7:48 pm
    We use Online Quickbooks and currently enter our time into it. I am looking into moving us to Intervals but we can't be performing double entry into Quickbooks. So, we need a way to export the time to CSV and then import it to Online Quickbooks (that is until Intervals integrates with Quickbooks and/or implements an open API). I found some software that converts the CSV to the Online Quickbooks time management database, so I will deal with it this way until you can get us the API or integration. Thanks!
    Hi. We use desktop QuickBooks. Looking forward to any progress in making migration of time data simpler. Cheers
    • AmandaWAI
    • Apr 8th 2009 edited @ 04/08/2009 8:28 am
    My company is only really interested in getting the invoices into QuickBooks, but this is essential and non-negotiable. One of the reasons we are ditching the tool which we've only just adopted in the last six months is because the promised QB sync doesn't work for our company because we use the 2006 version of QB (the last one to offer multiple currencies, for some silly reason -- though the work from QB is that QB 2009 will include mutliple currencies again). Our current system only supports the later, single-currency versions of Quickbooks. This is an important thing to think about for agencies who work in multiple countries, as many of us do more and more.

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