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New to Intervals? Have questions or need help? [Closed]

where do I find the Intervals roadmap?

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    • mlandis
    • Dec 13th 2007 edited @ 01/28/2008 12:18 pm

    Where do I find a roadmap of future development?



    Pieces of the Intervals roadmap are scattered around the forums and the blog, but we really should articulate it and post it and get feedback to help guide the priorities. Thank you for the suggestion.

    In the meantime, here are some of the items coming down the pipeline:

    Short-term features to launch (next few weeks):

    1. Label a general timer - this label becomes the comment when the timer is applied

    2. Long overdue template layer overhaul - main goal is better Intervals speed and performance across the supported browsers

    3. Tuning of mass deleter for work types and modules

    4. Invoice deletion tuning

    5. Advanced tag cloud control

    6. Add day of the week and billable and unbillable totals to each day on the top half of the timesheet

    7. Executive User comments - Administrators will be able to grant the ability to make comments on tasks to Executive users

    Near-term features to launch (next few months):

    1. Hi Level Gantt Chart as a report - the goal is to show total hours and budget status on only the projects the user selects...a way to say "How many hours do we have on the books for these 5 projects and how far along are they?"

    2. Saved reports - not the actual data, but the parameters used to generate the report. This is meant to help speed up the generation of common reports

    3. API and data import

    4. Project Calendar / Schedule

    5. Additional visual themes

    6. Slight interface refresh and tuning

    7. AJAX report generation

    8. Custom/Advanced task filter - the ability to create a task filter based on more parameters

    9. Home page refresh

    10. Modify task attributes so that they have a true start and end date (as opposed to creation date) - this will tie into the home page with "tasks starting this week" and "tasks due this week"

    11. QuickBooks integration

    A little ways off (Q2 - 2008 or later):

    1. Share a project with another Intervals account owner

    2. Tune and speed-up task filtration, task creation, and task flow

    3. Handheld friendly version

    These priorities constantly shuffle around depending on the feedback we get, but I hope it helps paint a partial picture of what is coming down the pipeline...

    Thanks again -Michael

    I just realized that I neglected to mention one other item....more efficient updating of tasks. Here are some of the enhancements we are contemplating:

    1. Cut down the number of clicks needed to update a task

    2. Mass update the status of a list of tasks

    3. Change due dates, priorities, assignee, etc. without having to click 'update' task

    4. More task updating functionality at the task listing (add comment, add time, etc.)

    If you have any thoughts or ideas on this front, we'd love to hear them.

    This discussion has been replaced by the Intervals roadmap discussion here.

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