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Quick way to mark time/project as invoiced

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    We are using Intervals to record time against project and task type primarily, to be able to establish metrics for where our time is going and how projects are performing. It is also very useful to see at the end of a period just how much time needs to be invoiced. However, we handle invoicing via a separate application. Has anyone any suggestions on how to mark time as billed, to reset the clock effectively, once we have generated an invoice in the other system. The only way I can find is to generate an invoice in Intervals for the sake of it, then mark it as paid, even though invoicing is managed elsewhere.

    Just hit the same bump ourselves, need a simple way to check which tasks have been invoiced and which haven't.
    Creating and paying off 'false' invoices seems a little contrived. Wish there was an 'invoiced' or 'reconciled' flag that we could access.
    We are also suffering from not being able to invoice easily at Module level, as others have mentioned, we cover Support as a project and use modules for each client, but this makes using invoices difficult.
    We have considered using the 'billable / non-billable' and just marking anything we have billed as non-billable, but this does lose some useful reporting on the non-billable hours.
    How about billable, non-billable and a new one 'billed'?


    A payment can be added to the project even if invoicing is done elsewhere. This will keep all of the project financial information and calculations correct within Intervals. That may do the trick and was how we did things before Intervals included invocing. Here is another forum discussion on the evolution of invoicing in Intervals that may be worth a look. It has more information about flagging hours as invoiced. Regarding invoicing by module, that feature is on the roadmap. This discussion may be worth a look for additional information.

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