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    I've added some other problems I'm having - please see my comment in
    HELP - Here is the work flow that I want / problems that I've encountered

    So I try to set the task up from the other angle -
    First I select my Client from the drop down list - now I cannot select a Project or Module - both give 'Choose a ...' but nothing in the lists - so that's not working - so I setup the task without a Client - with Choose a Client selected.

    Now I go to the tasks area and I'm going to enter time for the first shoot - the 'Add time' dialog comes up with Shooting as the Project and Real Estate as the Module and I can select the Worktype from the dropdown, but I don't get a Client drop down - it just says 'No Client' - I would really like to be able to select a Client from a dropdown here.


    I just made a comment on the other discussion, but it sounds like the project needs to be edited and associated with a client. Also, the work types and modules may need to be added to the project as well.

    Here is a forum discussion on managing default work types and modules and here are videos on personalizing Intervals that may help since they deal with defaults.

    If you configure your project and things still appear off please click on "Find a bug" in the footer of your Intervals account and describe the problem and our support team will take a closer look.


    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your comments - it seems my problem stems from the requirement of having things start with a Client - on each of my projects I wish every client to be able to be selected (I only wish 4 projects to deal with all of my work) - I'm circumventing some of these restrictions by adding new people - eg: Realestate Lastname, Shooting Lastname, PrePost Lastname, Office Lastname etc - that way I can still output the reports I need eg - all shooting for the last month, all office work for the last month etc.

    I'll keep you posted on how all of this develops!
    Thanks. Craig.

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