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I added a new Default Work Type, but I don't see it on all my Projects?

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    • Michael
    • Mar 8th 2006 edited @ 07/09/2007 3:20 pm

    When a new Default Work Type is added, it is not added to all projects by default. It's helpful to think about Default Work Types like a pool of potential work types that a project can use. If you add a new Default Work Type, it will not show up in your project until you edit the project and add the new work type. To attach the new work type to a project you have to edit the project, click ‘add another work type’ and it will show up as a new option.

    We built it this way so that you don't all of a sudden get new work types in every project you have already created. This gives you greater control over which work types are used in your projects.

    For example, say you add Copywriting as a default Work Type but only 10% of your projects need Copywriting. Instead of having Copywriting show up in all of your projects, you can edit the projects that need Copywriting. This way time is not submitted for a type of work that shouldn't be in your project and the drop down menus are nice and small.


    Changes to hourly rates is another reason why the defaults don't automatically update existing projects. We try to update our hourly rates on the Pelago side of our business annually (although it usually ends up more like every two years) and when we do update them we modify the default work types to make the default pricing accurate for every new project. The current projects are not changed because each project has hourly rates that have been contractually agreed upon.


    We use the following work types so that we can bill hourly according to a person's level of experience, rather than by type of work. Couple of questions: Is it possible for each person to have a single "default work type" associated with their own personal account? Or at least have that field pre-filled for them? That way we wouldn't constantly have to select our own job title when adding time. And, do you think this is the best way to handle this issue in Intervals?

    Default Work Types
    Name Hourly rate
    10 Intern $XX.00
    11 Fellow $XX.00
    12 Publicist/Content Provider $XX.00
    13 Associate/Coordinator $XX.00
    14 Manager $XX.00
    15 Senior Associate $XX.00
    16 Director $XX.00
    17 Senior Advisor $XX.00
    18 Principal $XX.00

    (Note: We discount for non-profits and start-ups by applying an across-the-board discount to everyone's hourly rates over on the Estimated Work & Rates page.)


    To answer your question, no, a person cannot have a default worktype associated with themselves. They will have to continue selecting their own worktype when applying time in Intervals.

    You've set up your default work types perfectly. This is how we handle this ourselves at Pelago. Work types don't have to be the type of work performed, they can be the person doing the work. When we first built Intervals we anticipated design agencies billing in this manner. That is why we made the work types as flexible as they are.

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