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Time Tracking Widget

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    • Michael
    • Dec 11th 2007 edited @ 10/26/2010 3:40 pm

    We have been contemplating adding widgets to the roadmap and we just received an inquiry about widgets and Intervals:

    Can you tell me if you have any timer widgets for the Mac platform or any tools to help on the workstation side of things?

    We have kicked around doing the time tracking widget a variety of ways:

    1. General Timer
    2. General Timer with all 'non closed' tasks assigned to me
    3. General Timer with tasks listed by due date with individual task timers
    4. General Timers with the ability to apply the time to tasks (just like within Intervals)

    Thoughts? Other widget ideas (tasks, reports, etc.)? I'm curious what aspects of Intervals would be useful widgets.
    I would like to be able to create tasks, update tasks, and have timers.

    Here is another description from a feature request we received:

    Creating Tasks and Time are pretty obvious ones, and would be helpful... It would also be nice to be able to see a task list of items assigned to me... That I could then easily add comments to, assign to someone else, close several, etc... I understand that these would probably all be separate widgets...but if done right they could all be very helpful.

    I'd rather have a few small widgets that do what a specific role needs well than I would one uber app widget (i'll just goto the web interface for that).

    What I want is for a manager to be able to make a new task in a couple of clicks.
    What a developer wants is to see their task list and track time/post comments in a couple of clicks.
    A widget sounds fantastic - how are you guys getting along with developing this?
    I agree. We need something on the desktop to remind us to turn the timer on when starting a project. I find that I often just jump in and some time later remember to go online to sign on using the intervals log-in. It would be great if you could have a desktip icon!
    Sorry about the spelling glitch- I meant desktop icon!

    A little program in the Windows taskbar would be great. Right-click for start/stop, apply and options/log-in information; left-click to start/stop, perhaps. A changing image for whether the timer is running or is paused would be smart.
    And option #4 ("General Timers with the ability to apply the time to tasks (just like within Intervals)")looks best to me.

    This would be a pretty neat thing for us, as the program could start up with windows. Many of us forget to sign in to Intervals for the fist half hour or hour of work, and sometimes not at all. You could even have the program remind you at regular intervals (say, every 40 minutes) 'are you still working on x?' Just some thoughts...

    • ken
    • Apr 4th 2009

    How about building in integration with third party timer apps such as: Tick Desktop, timerSync, Timepost, TSheets, or Easy Time Tracking

    Important for me would be detection of idle time and auto timer pause. I often get a phone call or take a break and forget to stop the timer -- and can't recall what time I started that break.


    I would like to see a desktop widget that had the ability to:
    1. Record time(with idle time/auto timer pause), date, work type and comments and be able to place that recording within a Project (not a task within the project).
    2. Have an administrator be able to view and approve the time entry before it is logged (as general time or have the ability for the administrator to assign that time to a specific task).

    Benjamin Hughes

    • MrM
    • Jan 20th 2010

    Please, make the widget for Linux as well.

    Or, you could just make a single web interface to be run inside Prism, which is already cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). I think this would be a much simpler solution, since you'd only have to develop one version. In addition, you'll be able to stick with web programming, which I assume is your primary expertise. ;)

    Most of us developers here at Intervals are Linux fanatics. I'm sure one of us will come up with a Linux widget since there are days where we work primarily on the Linux desktop (Gnome, KDE, and LXDE are our favorites). I'd been thinking of making a Plasmoid widget but then realized that would constrict us to the KDE desktop environment. We will definitely take a look at Prism. Thanks for the tip.
    It would also be nice to have a desktop timer widget for PC. I know Intervals has a built in timer, but if would be VERY helpful to have a desktop version of the timer.

    I couldn't agree more. Having a Desktop Widget to track time & tasks would be great. For simplicity it would be great if a person could preset User, Client, Project(s) to create a filtered preset list of tasks.

    This thread was started in 2008 so I don't know whether this feature will see the light of day, but it would be great.


    A desktop widget is not on the active development plan at this time. We did tinker with it for a bit and it might make it back onto the roadmap at some point but several of our customers have contacted us with plans to build their own widgets via the API. We are hoping that some third party widgets get released from other developers in the near future. If you just need a lighter interface to track time the mobile version can be used via your desktop. If that is something you are interested in this blog post might be worth a look.

    An Android widget would be nice, since it can run in the background or task bar while you do other stuff.

    If you are using a Mac Eon Time Tracking by Fuel Collective does work with Intervals. Here is a write up on our blog that might be worth a look or check out Eon in the App Store.

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