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Modules, Work Types and Tasks

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    I am really struggling with the difference between modules and work types. Do you have any "real world" examples for a web developer?

    Also, tasks.. do you put the actual task in the title field or place something more generic there and use the notes field to describe the task? For example, if the task is "Build a feedback form" - would this be the task title or would the task title be something like "Site Production" and use the notes field once the task is completed for "Built feedback form"?


    Modules can be a little tricky at first until a few projects have been run beginning to end. We do web development as well and we use the general generic modules for maintenance contracts, retainer work, etc. For larger projects we create our estimates around modules so we can track how each piece unfolds. For example, here are the modules from a recent project we worked on:

    Module 1 - Site Strategy
    Module 2 - Visual Design
    Module 3 - HTML Production
    Module 4 - Content Management
    Module 5 - Product Management
    Module 6 - Store Management
    Module 7 - Wholesaler Application & Queue Management
    Module 8 - Site Administrator Management
    Module 9 - Custom Metrics / Reporting
    Module 10 - Simple Site Search
    Module 11 - Email Marketing & List Management
    Module 12 - Training and Support
    Module 13 - Hosting Analysis, Recommendation, FTP Server
    Module 14 - Deployment, Launch and Debugging

    A module is like a "bucket" where a variety of work types can be used. For example, Module 14 - Deployment, Launch, and Debugging will consist of thew work types production, system administration, quality assurance, and project management.

    Regarding tasks, we typically keep the title brief and put the details in the summary. For you example above, maybe something like this:

    Title: contact us page feedback form
    Summary: maybe a listing of the fields, the copy that goes with the form, whether client side or server side error handling will be used, what to do with the values upon successful completion of the form (sick them in a database, email them, etc.)

    Here is some additional information on modules:
    Blog Entry - the power of "modules"
    Forum post - why use default modules and work types?
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