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Why should I use default modules and work types?

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    You’ll want to make a module/work type a default, if you are going to be using it across multiple projects. Why? Because your reporting will be skewed if you create a module/work type with the same name in different projects.

    Modules/work types that are created as a custom module/work type at the project level are considered separate entities, even if they have the same name. When you run a report across all projects for a particular module/work type, you’ll see two with the same name. They may appear to be the same, but they really are different. This can get very confusing.

    To avoid this situation, create the module/work type as a default, then pull it into the projects you want. New module/work types created will NOT automatically be pushed to already existing projects, they will however be used in any new projects created. To attach the new module/work type to a project you have to edit the project, click ‘add another module’ or ‘add another work type’ and it will show up as a new option.

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