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  1. Milestones – Intervals Help Documentation

    ...Milestones – Intervals Help Documentation Milestones – Intervals Help Documentation Official Support Site for Intervals Project Management What kind of information can I see by using the milestone graphs tab?

    Time tracking and task management...

  2. Task Management – Intervals Help Documentation

    ... Intervals customer. How do I stop resources from assigning time to a task they are not assigned? By default, manager and resource level users see all tasks for the projects that they have been granted access (Administrators see all projects and all tasks...

  3. Importing & Exporting Data – Intervals Help Documentation

    ... has access to the Settings & Defaults section by navigating to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Import data. If your account is already populated, feel free to import any individual import at any time, but if […]

  4. Settings & Defaults – Intervals Help Documentation

    ... from a custom domain?

    If you are hoping to have Intervals run completely under your domain, unfortunately that is not possible at this time. If you would like more details, here is more information about why CNAME’s are not supported: CNAME intervals...

  5. Search – Intervals Help Documentation

    ...”. This is done by design to push the completed work to the background and to cut down on clutter. Time data for inactive projects is […]

    The post Project Management – Intervals Help Documentation

    ... option controls the default setting for the Add Time dialogue for that specific project. When a project is set to billable, the Billable checkbox on the […]

    The post time...

  6. Tips & Tricks – Intervals Help Documentation

    ... feedback from a customer. Really would be nice if the advanced editor did not skip a line every time you hit the enter key. This is presently possible. With the editor if you hold SHIFT and hit ENTER it will move to the next line. The editor uses a hard...

  7. People – Intervals Help Documentation

    ... accounting functionality in general. There is not a way to enter a cost rate and a client facing rate at this time. Data can be exported and the rates modified to apply […]

    The post Can't add time-What is an approved time frame? | Intervals Help Documentation

    ...Can't add time-What is an approved time frame? | Intervals Help Documentation I can’t add time? What is an approved time frame? / Time Tracking / I can’t add time? What is an approved time frame? If you see this error message while adding time...

  8. New to Intervals? Have questions or need help? (page 8) | Intervals Project Tracking Software Forum

    ...? Discussion Type discussion topic Is all the time here? Discussion Type discussion topic Is it possible to invoice two times for past periods? Discussion Type discussion topic French invoicing? Discussion Type discussion topic Can I add people to parts of a...

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