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Checkable To-Do List

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    I know you can use Milestones and/or Tasks for your To-Do list, but I would REALLY like to see a checkable to-do list added as a feature. Where each user can create a To-Do List, with each item linked to a task, where they can click to check off items completed. Each To-Do List would have a due date associated with it. They would see the To-Do list on their home screen, and maybe have email reminders sent out for overdue items.

    I have not heard anything from myIntervals staff on this request. Is adding checkable to-do lists something that is being considered? This is such a basic feature of most Project Management programs. I know there are many of your users who want this feature. Is it really that difficult to add to the program? Having this feature would definitely make you more competitive with other programs.

    Please Advise,



    Being able to make tasks summaries a click-able to do list or make a comment a to do list is being considered for inclusion but nothing solid is on the development plan at this time. There is definitely a possibility that it could make it onto the development plan in the future. We definitely see the value in it. With how Intervals currently works items there is one workaround that might be worth a look. A to do list can be created and then the strike through functionality can be used to cross off item. We use the strike through functionality quite a bit for lists. For example:

    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3

    It is not the exact same functionality but it may be an acceptable workaround. Also, just a friendly reminder that the forum is community driven. We typically try to let conversations develop organically and we lightly moderate the forums. If you ever have any questions about whether a not a feature is on the development plan or being considered please feel free to reach out to support team directly. The "General question?" from within the account is often an easy way to contact our support team directly.
    Michael, how do I create the to-do list, as you mentioned above, then cross off items?
    • Michael
    • May 2nd 2013 edited @ 05/02/2013 5:11 pm

    A list can be created by utilizing the advanced editor and inserting an ordered list. As items are worked on the strike through option can be used to cross off the items. Here is a quick example:


    Thanks Michael. More of a pain to have to go into task and edit the list in notes. Easier to just use milestones. I still would REALLY REALLY like to see this bumped up in the features list. The lack of this item is one of the reasons I am always looking at other Project Management systems. I really love myIntervals, but this is just such a basic feature that is missing.

    The only other items that I think are missing from myIntervals are Outlook integration (add-in in Outlook to crate tasks, projects, attached email to tasks/projects, etc.), PayPal payment button on invoices, and perhaps a more advanced CRM function. (I know CRM is a lot of work to integrate.) If you had these functions with your current pricing you could clean up in the PM industry!!


    I am new to intervals and am hoping to integrate it into our construction business. So far it looks very promising.
    Not a cloud product but if multi level task lists is what you are after take a look at Natara Bonsai.


    Any update on the possibility of adding the checkable to-do lists? I really do not like having to use a separate program for my to-do's.



    Any response guys ?! It seems I am being ignored.


    There has been no new movement with it unfortunately. The feature is still being considered but is not on the development plan at this time.
    Really??!! This is such a basic feature of almost all other Project Management software. Anyway to get this bumped up the priority list?
    • Michael
    • Feb 20th 2017 edited @ 02/20/2017 1:41 pm

    Task To Do items or Task Checklists were launched in 2014. Here are a few resources:

    Intervals Help Documentation - Task Checklists

    Blog Post - Manage a to do list on a single task

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