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CRM Integration?

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    • dangolden
    • Apr 27th 2011 edited @ 04/27/2011 12:01 pm

    Intervals is great for project management, but we're finding we still need a lot of functionality that we get with a typical CRM. WE need to keep track of client contacts, leads, statuses, customize some fields for billing & product mix, etc.

    Will any of these types of features ever be built into intervals?
    Are there any CRM systems that integrate well with Intervals?
    Any that you recommend? What about client helpdesks?

    We've played with Zoho/Salesforce but ideally hoping for something that integrates well and plays nice with intervals and google apps.

    • Michael
    • Apr 27th 2011 edited @ 04/13/2015 7:11 am

    Intervals is definitely geared toward managing, tracking, and reporting on projects as opposed to CRM. We do not have plans to make Intervals a full blown CRM system with a pipeline, opportunities, etc. From support emails I know a few Intervals users are planning on using the API to create custom integration with Hopefully when they are complete they will make it publicly available.

    If you just need light CRM Intervals can handle that but we don't consider it true CRM. On the web development side of the business we have a Pelago Sales project and keep all of our template documents stored within Intervals (maintenance contracts, sample bids, etc.). That tends to work for us. It is very light CRM to keep track of bids, conversations, and the status of the estimates but there aren't any metrics around the activity. We use a task per lead and keep track of the conversation, iterations in the estimate, etc. If we win the contract we close out the sales task and create a project to execute the work. Something similar might be an option.

    Here are some related discussions that might be worth a look:
    Pixolut CRM Integration
    Intervals for non client related projects

    Anyone have an update on integration? We are implementing salesforce and would appreciate a jump start on the integration between Intervals and salesforce. thanks
    How about building the CRM portion off of an open source CRM like vTiger or Sugar? Would that be possible or has it been considered? You would have the base CRM already coded (and would not have to reinvent the wheel), you would just need to write the code to integrate the two platforms.

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