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Ways to use Intervals

Intervals for Non Client Related Projects

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    • Michael
    • Jun 4th 2006 edited @ 12/27/2006 2:07 pm

    We use Intervals to not only track client related billable work, but for our internal projects.

    For example, we have these projects:

    Pelago Sales
    - bids
    - invoices & billing

    Pelago IT
    - desktops
    - servers
    - ISP

    We use the Sales project to keep track of how long bids take and to see what % of our total time needs to be spent in that arena. We also use it to keep tabs on who we need to bill and when.

    Pelago IT was an eye opener when we first started tracking our IT time. We view IT as not just "desktops and keep everyone working", but as leverage to make sure we're staying current with upcoming trends. It's almost an R&D project for us and we can see how much time is need to support us vs. keep us current. We spend a lot more time here that we thought we did.


    I know this is an old post, but could you elaborate a bit? Or update us to your refined processes?

    The Pelago Sales project...are YOU the "client"? How do you keep track of bids and client development of multiple prospects?

    • Michael
    • Feb 24th 2008 edited @ 02/24/2008 4:52 pm

    Correct...we have "Pelago" as a client. We also have "Intervals" as a client to track our Intervals related time and tasks. Here are the current internal projects we have active:


    • Pelago General

    • Pelago Ed y Training

    • Pelago IT

    • Pelago Master Plan

    • Pelago Sales

    • Pelago Sidecar

    • Pelago Ubuntu for Kids

    • Pelago Website


    • Intervals Brochure Site

    • Intervals Development

    • Intervals Marketing

    • Intervals Support

    Regarding the bid process Intervals isn't really meant to be a CRM system, but it works well enough for our needs. We setup each new lead as a task. Then we keep track of conversations, next steps, and attach our bids to the task. We also keep our sales related template documents attached to the Pelago Sales project. For example, our maintenance contract and time & materials contract are both attached to the project.

    Also, here are the work types we use for the Pelago sales project:
    - Admin
    - Meeting
    - Research
    - Sales
    - Travel

    Most of the time for this project goes into the "Sales" work type.

    Hope it helps....

    Yeah I did this and it has been a real help to keep track of everything that is internal.
    This is a wonderful way to track time, as it allows you to figure out what keeps your employees busy all day. We've started asking our employees to log a full 40 hours per week so we can find out how everyone's time splits up. How much time on internal projects? How much on billable projects? How much on non-billable client projects? Eventually, we hope this will allow us to streamline some of our processes. (What? The artists are spending 6 hours a week in staff meetings? Time to change something there!)
    what is your process for creating bids? Are you doing this in Intervals or via another system?

    Today we received a support request asking which modules we use for internal projects. Here are a few examples of what we use for internal projects that might be helpful:

    Pelago General (project)
    Modules used:
    - Dev Con (weekly dev meetings)
    - Equipment & Supplies
    - Fun Police (recreational activities, etc. et al)
    - General
    - HR
    - Subcontractors
    - Timesheet Approvals
    - Weekly Goals (weekly goals meetings)

    Pelago Ed y Training (project)
    Modules Used:
    - Certifications
    - Coursework
    - General
    - Self Taught (books, personal sidecar, etc.)
    - Seminars (specialized training, speakers, etc.)

    Pelago IT (project)
    Modules Used:
    - Backup
    - Desktop
    - Exchange
    - File Server - NAS
    - General
    - Hosting / Sys Admin
    - Linux Dev Servers
    - Router
    - Windows Dev

    It really comes down to how you want to report on hours, how much granularity you want, and what makes managing your tasks most efficient. Since modules can be used to group tasks that might help explain the Pelago IT modules we use.

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