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    • yalp
    • Mar 30th 2011

    IS there any way to POST a Project with specific WorkTypes or Modules vs. everything is added on a new project POST?
    I've looked at the ProjectWorkType and ProjectModules (DELETE [remove each one], PUT [override entire list], POST [add the ones we want]) and dont see a way to easily achieve this.
    Thanks for your time



    We've considered the idea of allowing multiple, dependent resources to be created through PUT & POST requests (like in this case, a project and associated worktypes and modules), but we've opted, for the time being, to adhere to a one-resource-per-request doctrine for member actions for the sake of simplicity. It's easier for users to understand, especially in terms of isolating the cause of errors in a failed request. It's more likely that we'd add the ability to specify that default modules, default worktypes, and the project team NOT be created during project creation, using HTTP headers the way we do with email notifications for task notes. But that's not on the schedule in the near term. It would be interesting to hear if more people would be interested in that feature.

    Regarding performing actions on collections, when we started building the Intervals API, it was relatively rare to see non-safe HTTP methods (POST, PUT, DELETE) being allowed for collections, but we are aware that these are becoming more popular. In the future we may add the ability to upload a collection (using POST) in a single request. But it's unlikely that we'll ever allow people to DELETE or replace a collection (using PUT). The reason is I'm uncomfortable with the idea of a user blanketly deleting or replacing an entire collection at once. There is too much room for user error, and we want to ensure that any time something is removed it is purposeful (so the user knows exactly what he's removing or replacing and expressly specifies his intention to do so by providing the element's ID).


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